Steampunk Pirate Corset

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The Steampunk Pirate Corset is for the woman who loves the open sea. Bring out the Pirate in you, dare to be yourself!

A beautiful brown corset that you can wear next to your skin or over a period shirt. It is perfect for a pirate costume or any cosplay in adventurous outfit!

With this garment, you will become the sexy woman in the original pirate costume. Use loose tops and skirts for freedom of movement, the corset being rigid.It is advisable to accessorize in the theme with glasses and pocket watch.

It is advisable to accessorize in the theme with glasses and pocket watch.

This brown brocade corset for women includes many whale bones hidden under a leatherette fabric. This ensures a good fit.  It is adjustable at the back by a lace over its entire height to allow you to bend it to your liking.

This accessory is decorated with many buttons and chains in a pure steampunk style, as well as the hooks that close it on the front. This elegant steampunk corset can also be worn with a gothic outfit.

A true pirate doesn't need nice clothes or a shiny sword to do his job. Of course, if a pirate has nice clothes, there's no rule that says she can't show them off. When you wear our exclusive steampunk pirate corset, everyone will know that you're a true adventurer not to be messed with!

Ask any pirate what they need to do their dirty work, and they'll all say the same thing: a sharp blade, a sturdy ship, and maybe a barrel of rum to pass the time. 

We doubt you'll hear proud, salty buccaneers say that nice clothes are just as important, but we know they're a must. Storming the deck of a treasure ship in torn and dirty clothes may seem wild and terrifying, but any well-off pirate wouldn't want to end up in cheap, dirty clothes (which, given a pirate's work environment, was more than possible). 

And dressing up in a fancy outfit could actually make you even more intimidating, because it shows that you're a tasteful, successful pirate, and you don't mind sword fighting in your best clothes, because you're the best!

We've designed this fantastic costume to look like a truly skilled and savvy pirate. It includes almost everything you'll need to sail.Just pick a pair of boots, a pirate hat, a pocket watch and a sword to go on your quests, and you'll be the fiercest buccaneer on deck!

  • Materials : 80% Polyester imitation leather, 20% Spandex
  • Polyester : durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry
  • Spandex : Bring elasticity, return to the original shape after stretching

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