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      18 products

      Our Steampunk Sunglasses will accompany you every day, giving you a totally different look from the crowd. Accessories made to break the codes in the most beautiful way. 

      What are Steampunk Sunglasses?

      The steampunk sunglasses are quite distinct from the majority of the sunglasses, indeed their style, color and shape differ enormously from the majority of the glasses. They take their inspiration from the 20th century, when sunglasses became fashionable.

      We find in archive photos men wearing sunglasses from 1930, it is during this year that these glasses became extremely popular. However, they did not appear during this period but during the 15th century in China, where Chinese craftsmen made for the first time glasses that softened the impact of UV on the eyes.

      At the time of the Victorian time it thus existed many models of sunglasses, although little carried during this time, one noted a strong development of the models and forms in the sunglasses.
      At that time the sunglasses were generally round, then during the 19th century, the oval, rectangular glasses then in the shape of diamond this succeeded one another. The steampunk glasses draw their inspirations from these models, a little vintage, but delivering a great dose of class and confidence.

      Discover our Steampunk Sunglasses collection! Get a vintage look by wearing this accessory from another era.

      Create your own style by choosing from all our models.

      Steampunk is a style and a universe with retro-futuristic and industrial influences from the Victorian 19th century. Elegantly designed, these Steampunk Sunglasses are less eccentric and exuberant than our Steampunk Goggles (costume or cosplay).
      You can totally wear these retro Steampunk Sunglasses in everyday life: are you more round sunglasses, flip-up glasses, colored glasses? A wide choice of glasses is offered to you, here are some examples:

       The steampunk eyewear par excellence, one of the most appreciated by our vaporist community, its steampunk effects mixed with an incomparable style make this pair of eyewear a must-have in the category. This model is available in several colors and comes with a beautiful protective cover in imitation black leather. A model for men, which will let your confidence and your class shine through.

      • Retro steampunk sunglasses

      A model much more vintage than the others present in this collection, glasses with round and thick lenses.

      • Round steampunk sunglasses

      The round steampunk glasses are very appreciated by the community, indeed this shape (round) is one of the most sought after by our steampunk friends. It best reflects the steampunk style and fits extremely well with the different outfits you have.

      • Polarized steampunk sunglasses

      To complete your outfit, let's discover our Steampunk Tattoos.

      Do steampunk sunglasses look goods and still up-to-date?

       As we have seen, most of the products in our collection of steampunk sunglasses are inspired by the models of the 19th century, the Victorian era par excellence, the question we must ask ourselves is: are these glasses still relevant or not?
      The answer is yes, indeed the style affixed on this type of glasses is a vintage style, dandy and refined, a style increasingly sought after in recent years, and for good reason, whether for everyday life or costume events, sunglasses are excellent accessories that will bring out your confidence and beauty.

      The steampunk glasses are therefore from a Victorian heritage, however they have been updated to respect the codes of the 21st century.

      Steampunk Sunglasses for men and women, what are the differences?

      There are a lot of differences between men's steampunk sunglasses and women's frames. Commonly, men's sunglasses are more rectangular or square in shape than women's. The materials used are often metal or acetate. In terms of lenses, men are fitted with gradient lenses or mirrored lenses that reflect a manly image. Women's sunglasses generally have round lenses and wider shapes to cover the eyes, their contours and sometimes even the top of the face (these models are called mask glasses). Regarding the lenses, for women, we find the gradient lenses that allow to protect from the sun but also to see his phone or read his book in the sun.

      Steampunk Sunglasses: for all tastes and budgets

      Check out our collection of affordable steampunk sunglasses from the best alternative independent brands around the world. Take advantage of great deals on these sunglasses to suit your style and taste!

      The materials dear to steampunk are copper, brass, zinc and the warm colors associated with them. This gives pairs of glasses with the original and popular style of steampunk! Impose your look with your trendy glasses by asserting an offbeat or even retro futuristic side. By buying a pair of glasses with black tinted lenses, a black felt top hat and frock coat, and you will be the center of attention for Halloween or costume parties. The masks, goggles and gloves are easy to wear, and the effect is guaranteed. The myth of the sexiest vampire, a mix of cyberpunk and fantasy, becomes reality with a corset and a pair of Van Hellsing glasses.

      For the majority of our sunglasses, they are marketed with UV400 Level 3 protection lenses. As you can see, our selection of sunglasses is quite large. You will find sunglasses for men as well as for women. It is also at the level of the materials that we propose that the choice widens. Metal, titanium, acetate and even flexible plastic, you will find everything at Steampunkstyler.

      Steampunk sunglasses anecdote

      In the XIXth century in Europe, Syphilis wreaked havoc, this disease could be characterized by a hypersensitivity of the eyes to the sun if the disease affected the eyeball.
      There is therefore a legend/history where patients were prescribed sunglasses to fight syphilis and reduce its negative effects. So legend or truth?