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      10 products

      Add some style to your steampunk costume with one of these steampunk jackets. Perfect to wear when you go outside for a meeting with a friend, a walk in the nature or to the supermarket, this clothe will be useful in your daily life. Moreover, it brings you an extra point to your steampunk style. The question is now, which one to take?

      The charm of Steampunk Jacket

      Representing Victorian England, but also other vintage influences, the Steampunk Jacket is a unique piece of the Steampunk Outfit. Dress in fantastic Victorian style where a mix of elegance and fantasy will transport you to a timeless fashion, away from the ephemeral, insipid and soulless fashions.

      With the Steampunk Styler clothes, dare to have a distinctive style that puts the old codes and values back in the foreground. Check the famous Gothic Bustle Jacket, one of the most popular. Combine this with the impertinence and unexpectedness of steampunk to create your own outfits, of which the coat will be one of the most important pieces.

      How to make the perfect Steampunk Jacket?

      What is the perfect steampunk jacket? Whether it's for men or women, there is a wide selection of jackets that meet all the expectations of the Steampunk style. Whether for him or her, a steampunk jacket will be one of the most important pieces of clothing in your outfit or cosplay, so it must meet the dress codes, steampunk. Your jacket will have to be vintage, like clothes of aristocrats, or generals of armies for example. Steampunk jackets are more vintage than other steampunk accessories and clothing. Rest assured that each of the jackets you will find in this collection respect the steampunk codes, and we have selected a set of models just for you. The strength of steampunk jackets is that they are classy and dressy, a style that will not go unnoticed and that will make you resplendent with presence and class.

      The different styles of Women Steampunk Jacket

      There are less iconic models of steampunk jackets for women than for men, it is true. However, in terms of choice it is equal. Indeed, historically, women in steampunk are more likely to wear dresses than jackets, so again steampunk jackets usually don't match a dress. However, a new movement is emerging and more and more women are wearing steampunk jackets, adopting a stricter but classy and imposing style. Women's steampunk jackets have evolved to be similar to men's jackets, but with a beautiful feminine touch. We then find many models, with a blazer style reworked to the steampunk or gothic sauce. We can say that the result is beautiful. 

      A variety of styles for Men Steampunk Jacket

       For the models of steampunk jackets for men, we find models that have crossed the ages, and have not lost their sublime. This type of jacket generally represents the uniforms of armies, aristocrats, bourgeois and merchants dating from the Victorian era. An assertive style, which we must say, does not leave indifferent. A class from another time that arouses admiration and respect towards others.
      In this collection, you can find pieces such as the Hussar jacket or the renaissance style jacket. Pieces of exception.

      How to wear a steampunk jacket?

      The steampunk jackets have a style often very assertive, so it must first be comfortable with this style. If you are used to wearing this type of clothing, then you will shine with the jackets in this collection. If you are not used to wearing this type of clothing, don't worry, these jackets will make you feel confident and secure in their style, making it easier to adapt.
      To wear a steampunk jacket well, you will have to adapt your outfit and buy accessories to go with it. For example if you are a man you will have to accompany your jacket with a nice pair of period pants with probably Victorian shoes to finalize the touch, these elements are essential, to that will be added bonus accessories, like a cane or a hat.
      For women, you can also opt for pants or leggings, accompanied by beautiful steampunk boots for a badass style and class. It is therefore important to accompany your jacket with other clothing and accessories to perfect your style and really dazzle the whole audience while having a cosplay of excellent quality.

      A crucial piece of the Steampunk man costume

      A trench coat puts you in the London mood and its unique vibe right away. The frock coat style has a real retro feel and cachet. On one hand, a vintage suit jacket will bring an interesting presence. On the other hand, a gothic jacket is a sober outfit that will help you to control your mind. Get right now the steampunk look with one of these jackets.

      Unmissable part of the Steampunk female outfit

      Find on the steampunk store all types of steampunk jackets for women. With its wide choice, you will easily find the coat that you need to complete your steampunk outfit. Complete your costumes with other clothes like steampunk skirts to unlock a tasteful look like no other. The wide variety of Victorian skirts will help you find the missing piece of your outfit.

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