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21 products

Find your Steampunk Corset to embellish your outfit.

Well-known in the steampunk community, the steampunk corset is an essential item and add a sexy touch to your steampunk outfit. We are happy to announce that the steampunk corsets collection is now open! Dedicated to women, only high-quality corsets have been selected to enhance your steampunk cosplay. Choose your color and be ready to shine among the others!

Here are the famous Steampunk Corsets

They will turn you into a stilted woman, with a slim waist and beautiful breasts. Choose according to the cut and style (steampunk, gothic...), and also the comfort. If you are not used to it, here are some buying tips. Don't forget that women's steampunk clothes blend with other influences like rock or gothic punk (for those who prefer modern), right down to the basics of style, like baroque, rococo and of course the Victorian era.

How to make the perfect Steampunk Corsets?

To select the perfect steampunk corset, you will need to understand what makes a corset a real steampunk corset. The style of the corset is therefore ultra-important in order to have one that will really fit your cosplay or outfit.
If your wish is to do a steampunk cosplay based on pirates, then you will have to wear a leather or imitation leather corset with red reminders, conversely if you prefer to opt for a steampunk princess outfit, then you will have to opt for a more feminine corset, probably white, which will be composed of a bit of lace and flannel.
To make or buy your corset, you will first imagine your outfit and your style, from this step of reflection, you will then be able to select the different components, including the corset.

Here are the different criteria to choose your steampunk corset:

  • By style:

As mentioned above, the style will be paramount in the choice of your corset. In our collection you will have access to a large choice of corsets for women as for men, there will be many styles, steampunk, pirates, gothic, cyberpunk, futuristic etc. ... to you to make your choice by knowing your desire and the style that suits you best, to become the most beautiful or the most beautiful of the conference. 

  • By color:

If you don't want to limit yourself to one style, you can always make your choice based on the color of your corset. Again, it is best to understand the outfit you want to wear and then decide on the color of your corset. Some of our customers make the corset the main element of their outfit, in which case you can select the color of your corset first, and then adapt that to the rest of your outfit. 

  • By morphology:

 The first thing to do when buying a corset is to determine the shape of the corset that will best suit your body type. If you are slim and have narrow hips, a steampunk push-up corset with adjustable lacing or bodice in the middle may be a good option as it will give you an hourglass figure.
If you have a prominent chest, a steampunk toggle corset is a better option as it offers excellent support to your chest. An under bust corset will allow you to wear the sexy lingerie of your choice.
Steampunk corset tops come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so it's best to browse through the different varieties until you find the right corset for you.

What’s the right size for a steampunk corsets?

It's important that a corset is fitted to your body type, but not too tight. We recommend that you have some leeway in your size range.For example, if your bust measurements fit, but your hips don't, take the next size up if you are more than 2 inches short. So don't go smaller like a size S or a size M if you only fit into XXL, obviously. This is also an explanation for the bad reputation of the corset, we are no longer in the 19th century, no need to suffer.

So don't go smaller like a size S or a size M if you only fit into XXL, obviously. This is also an explanation for the bad reputation of the corset, we are no longer in the 19th century, no need to suffer.

Don't be tempted to choose a size too small for vanity. It will not benefit you as much as the one that really fits you! Corset sizes vary considerably from one model to another, so we recommend that you know your measurements well and check the size guide chart.

If you're buying as a gift, it's a good idea to consult with the person in question before making the purchase. You can have a look at the Steampunk Corset Dress and if you don't want to spoil the surprise, her best friend should be a good source of information.

Feel the comfort of a steampunk corset outfit

The modern corset is more comfortable than you think, new materials like synthetic leather would have been blessed by 19th century women. The first time can be a new experience, but many of our clients quickly get used to it. The finishing fabric used in our corsets is a quality, breathable twill lining that will be in contact with your skin when you wear it... unless you choose to wear it over a blouse or shirt.

For added comfort with our softer, slightly stretchy corsets (listed in the description), waist cinching belts are available, ensuring extra style at the bottom of your corset. This gives it more space to fit comfortably above the hips.

Discover the quality of our steampunk Victorian corset

A beautifully crafted corset comes at a cost, so consider it an investment. Not only will a quality item last longer, but it will also be more comfortable. Even in cosplay, a day can seem long with a cheap corset. Most of our corsets use multiple layers of fabric, avoiding the ripping and tearing of a cheap corset. It is interesting on some pieces to have beautiful laces, imitation fur or leatherette reinforcements.

Steel boned form a spiral steel frame to better fit your shape, again avoid plastic or alloy stays that will break or deform.

What are the benefits of a costume steampunk corset?

Corsets for women have been around for hundreds of years and are used for waist reduction. Moreover, a corset will always make you look good, you will even look better than with a simple dress. To wear in everyday life, try a model without borders, bows or embellishments. You can also look at the Steampunk Boots collection to get an extra steampunk style. The more elegant the design, the easier it is to hide under your clothes.