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3 products

Even though it was frowned upon to wear the Pants for a Woman, the Vintage and Steampunk style is a bit of a departure.

Women in the retro-futuristic style are fighters, independent and strong. There are many ladies of character to illustrate this spirit of rebellion does to restrictive and outdated mores. The past can be interpreted according to our will, and this is clearly the purpose of Steampunk.

Will your choice be the famous chino pants? Maybe an elastic waist, high waist, skinny or just slim? try to imagine the starlets of the 50's in a steampunk style. Add accessories for a more timeless result, with a grain of madness and fantasy.

Women's clothing must have various styles that are influenced by Steampunk. We can name the Victorian era or the belle époque which are an inexhaustible source of retro-futuristic inspiration. For the pants that have a shorter history, the rockabilly genre of the 50s to the seventies is a good compromise.

To marry with a suit or a blouse all enhanced by a beautiful jacket for example, you will then get outfits full of charm and nostalgia. We also recommend Steampunk Leggings if you are sporty or prefer casual pants.

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