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8 products

8 products

Make your cosplay a success with the Steampunk coat for women

The cuts and fabrics of women's steampunk coats are inspired by futuristic fashion.

The steampunk women's clothing featured in our collection is decorated with details such as buttons, faux fur, floral lace, D-rings and metal gears.

These vintage women's steampunk coats and capelets offer an incredible touch to your cosplay.

A premium collection of women's steampunk coats

This collection of unique women's steampunk coats will leave you very inspired. Much like the inventors of gadgets, clockwork and steam engines of yesteryear. It comes directly from the key historical periods of the Victorian and Edwardian era.

Fall in love with this inimitable line of retro-futuristic pieces in unique fabrics and anachronistic colors.

With these custom Steampunk coats, adventurers, scientists, aeronauts or aristocrats will find something for every occasion.

With a women's Steampunk coat, you can do much more than just add a bolero to your outfit. Whether it's for cosplay conventions, festivals and even photography.

Complete your style by opting for a pair of women's steampunk pants to be found in our store, and also find something to delight your companion by exploring our collection of men's steampunk coats.

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