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43 products

One of the most popular steampunk item in the clothing collection, the steampunk dress. Devoted to women, this type of clothe is a crucial piece of your steampunk cosplay. Steampunk Styler proposes a wide range of steampunk and Victorian dress to help you make the best choice. First think about the event you want to go with, then have a look at them and select the one that fits your need. Remember, you can only be gorgeous in a steampunk dress!

What is steampunk dress?

A steampunk dress is a very popular item among connoisseurs of this particular fashion. It is the central element of the outfit of all steampunk fans. There are several types of steampunk dresses, and each of these styles must be adapted to the outfit you want to wear. Indeed, steampunk is a rather specific style, however within this style itself, there are different ways. For each lane you will find a type of dress, that's what our steampunk dresses represent, they give the tone of your overall outfit. 

Every dress that calls itself steampunk must respect some essential elements, such as the slightly retro-futuristic or totally vintage side, to be adapted according to the style you want. There are also a lot of dresses that have flannels, laces, bustiers and much more. These are the little details that make a dress, a steampunk dress. 

To conclude on what represents a dress steampunk, we must talk about the color of the latter. Indeed, a steampunk dress must have tones related to those of steampunk in general, ie, copper color, red, brown or black. These colors are a real recognizable pattern of steampunk fashion, and this must be present on your steampunk dress. 

A multitude of Steampunk and Victorian Dresses for a maximum of choice

For its women's clothing collection, Steampunk Styler has stayed true to its values, the Victorian style. With a nod to the Victorian era, Steampunk dresses tackle every theme. For instance, you have the Steampunk Victorian Dress which has a belt that supports the waist elegantly, which adds a chic touch to the dress. Lace dresses mixed with leather bring out the contrast between hard and soft, very popular in today's Steampunk fashion.

Finally, Steampunk women and girls combine the best of traditional Steampunk or neo-Victorian style for a complete and affordable outfit. Made with attention to detail, short or long, plain or printed, retro-futuristic dresses have that fantastic vintage feel that will make you unique.

Additionally, there is the Steampunk Hats collection that will transform you into a woman with a slim waist and a beautiful chest. Our advice is to choose according to the cut and style.

How to make the perfect steampunk dress? 

To make the perfect steampunk dress, we have to go back to the very definition we quoted above. Once this is taken into account, you will have to know what steampunk style you want to adopt, will it be a pirate style, gothic, totally futuristic, or even sexy. This style will be important to make the choice of the perfect steampunk dress.
Once you have made your choice, you can choose directly from our selection of products those that are closest to the style you have chosen to adopt. It is also interesting to mix styles. For example, if you choose a steampunk pirate style, there is nothing to stop you from going for a more vintage dress to make a style mix. These mix of styles are very present in the community, and we must say that everyone is a fan of it.

What size should I choose for my steampunk dress?

Choosing the right size for your steampunk dress is crucial for you to feel comfortable in your steampunk dress, corset or skirt. To do this, we have made available the dimensions of our dresses to help you choose the right size for your dress. We advise you to measure your waist and your bust generally. Our dresses come from steampunk suppliers around the world, so their size may differ from traditional American sizes. We urge you to look at our size guide and compare the measurements taken.
Once you have all this information, it's up to you to decide if you'd rather be a little tighter or more comfortable in your outfit. It will depend on you.

What to do once you have chosen your steampunk dress? 

Once you have chosen your steampunk dress, you will have to finish your steampunk outfit by matching some accessories to your brand-new dress. The beauty of the steampunk style lies in the wide variety of collections, accessories and clothing to implement into your outfit. You will have a wide choice and an endless array of ideas to complete your outfit.
Steampunk dresses have a well-defined style and cannot be worn with just any shoes. That's why the most important accessory to buy once the dress is chosen is a nice pair of steampunk boots. These shoes will set the overall tone for your outfit, so once you put these two accessories together you will have done the basics and so you can go on the whole conference and be recognized as a real steampunk style follower.
If you want to go further, however, you can accompany your steampunk dress with a beautiful steampunk bag. Indeed you will certainly need a bag to carry your stuff but also to have an accessory that is out of the ordinary. In this sense you will have to have a bag that matches your style and your steampunk dress. To do this, you will certainly have to choose a different color than your dress, avoiding tone on tone. The best will be to take one reminding the main color of your dress while having its own color.

Each steampunk fancy dress has its style and story, which one should you pick?

With its collection of dresses, Steampunk Styler has thought of all occasions and all fashion desires. Choose a Wedding Dress, accompanied by a pair of pumps, for an elegant and sophisticated outfit. 

Whatever your style, budget and creative skills, these Steampunk dresses will definitely take you to the next level. Purchase other clothing such as a women's jacket or coat and other steampunk accessories for consistency and a commanding look.

On a day-to-day basis, the Vintage Dress is a great ally for office days. Combined with accessories, jewelry or a beautiful jacket, the Steampunk Dress sublimates the silhouette from morning to night.