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      Steampunk Lamps

      Steampunk Lamps

      Enter a retro-futuristic world and bring a part of this beautiful story to home. Unique designs that will transport you to the workshop of famous inventors such as Tesla or Thomas Edison. A fantastic trip in the world of Steampunk lamps.

      You want to create a retro-futuristic atmosphere? With our collection  of Steampunk Lamps it is now possible

      The industrial theme for interior design has been trending for a few years now, and is expected to remain so for years to come. Steampunk is in the perfect register of the industrial revolution, with its old factory look and patina of metal materials and colors.

      Lighting design will play a major role in a steampunk interior, as brass or bronze fixtures are very important to get the overall worn feel of the concept. You'll be surprised at how simply adding a steampunk-themed light fixture can transform the overall mood of a room. Bring in a couple of Steampunk Decoration to complete the look, and you'll be transported into a warm retro environment.

      You will love the diversity of our Steampunk Lamps  : 

      Our collection of Steampunk Lamps will allow you to elaborate a totally vintage and industrial decoration!

      Immerse yourself in this retro-furistic and Victorian universe.
      When we talk about "light" and "steampunk", we think directly of Tesla and Edison. The steampunk style, with its gears and pipes, will make your decor even more unique! If you want to discover more decorations for your rooms, let's discover our collection of Steampunk Airships.

      Antique style, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, chandelier, sconce, or simple bulbs.
      Try for example our Vintage Industrial Lamp or our Vintage Desk Lamp !