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      Enter a retro-futuristic world and bring a part of this beautiful story to home. Unique designs that will transport you to the workshop of famous inventors such as Tesla or Thomas Edison. A fantastic trip in the world of Steampunk lamps.

      What is a steampunk Lamp?

      Steampunk is a cultural movement originating from the Victorian period in the nineteenth century mixed with science fiction, where the industrial revolution and its machines contribute enormously to the aesthetics. This means that until that time the main innovative technology was steam, people used oil, candles and sometimes gas for the more fortunate. When electricity began to develop, the Victorian aesthetic adapted to several changes.

      That's why there will be many retro-futuristic lamp pieces that are unique to an era and yet seem to be ahead of its time. Let's say, for example, the steampunk rocket lamp. Such a lamp wouldn't be steampunk if it didn't have filament bulbs with yellow to orange hues.
      This doesn't mean you can't put other bulbs in your fixtures. It just means that to really feel the steampunk influence, there will be certain parts like valves, gears and colors that we think are irreplaceable.

      The same is true for the materials that bring steampunk lamps to life, and even if it's not real copper or bronze, just the tones and the look enhance the whole. Consider that every element that took place in the industrial revolution and are in your retro-futuristic objects bring credibility and incredible charm.

      If we were to dissect our lamp into parts, we would find that there are a few basic elements that can be found. The base of the lamp, the famous valve that serves as a switch, the body and finally the bulb. In addition, we can also attach steampunk gears and decorative elements.


      Steampunk lamp base

      We have seen around us many steampunk lamps that have light wooden bases. It should be taken into account that wood is recommended because it reflects the materials of an early post-Victorian period. But do not varnish the wood, even if it is light in color. Lamps in this style are often misdiagnosed as industrial lamps. The reason is that these lamp models contain many other industrial components. A good alternative to overcome this problem is to take a steampunk decoration and decorate the base. Place a brass pressure gauge, a cogwheel or a pinion. Also, try to get a steampunk base in dark wood color. It will definitely match the post-Victorian aesthetic better.

      The valve switch: essential for a steampunk lamps

      The valve has certain attributes that play a key role in the look of a steampunk lamp. First, your lamp will need a switch. There are many ways to use your valve as a switch. Plus, it's cheap, It is usually affordable, and you can buy it at any hardware store along with the rest of the materials. We think that the valve switch is ultimately a great accessory that gives a real steampunk feel to your lamp. In addition, it will create an atmosphere of realism. Your lamp will not be just a steampunk accessory. It will be made of original materials.

      Steampunk Tubes and Pipes for the lamp

      This is the cornerstone of your lamp development. Pipes and tubes will form the scaffolding of your steampunk electric lamp. You need to plan your lamp design carefully, as you will need some pipe fittings to give it shape, unless you want a straight lamp. Steampunk pipes are always made of tin, brass or copper. Don't worry, we don't necessarily require you to buy ones made of these metals. But you will definitely need gold, plated or copper tubes. Try not to mix colors. Steampunk art has a sober side. Keep your original color once you start your project. Tubes and pipes reflect the steampunk origins of the post-industrial period. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not choose anything else for your structure.

      Steampunk Newtonian Bulbs to illuminate the room

      If you weren't sure about our previous tips, and have opted for other designs, but now want your lamp to be more steampunk, then consider a Newton Filament Bulb.
      The bulbs invented by Thomas Edison give that dim illumination with lots of coiled filaments that look like the first versions made. At first, these bulbs did not produce as bright a light as they do now. So this is the feeling that anyone would have had in a Victorian era. You can choose between small and large Newtonian lights. Any kind will do. Also, the type of warm lighting they provide gives a warm copper colored ambiance.


      You want to create a retro-futuristic atmosphere? With our collection  of Steampunk Lamps it is now possible

      The industrial theme for interior design has been trending for a few years now, and is expected to remain so for years to come. Steampunk is in the perfect register of the industrial revolution, with its old factory look and patina of metal materials and colors.

      Lighting design will play a major role in a steampunk interior, as brass or bronze fixtures are very important to get the overall worn feel of the concept. You'll be surprised at how simply adding a steampunk-themed light fixture can transform the overall mood of a room. Bring in a couple of Steampunk Decoration to complete the look, and you'll be transported into a warm retro environment.

      You will love the diversity of our Steampunk Lamps  : 

      How to make the perfect Steampunk Lamp?

      To make and select the perfect steampunk lamps, we relied on all the features provided so far in our description. The perfect steampunk lamp should fervently reflect what you feel about steampunk, although this style is particular, it is distinguished in a multitude of sub-styles, you choose which one speaks to you the most. That's why some will prefer lamps with valves and pipes for an industrial style, or others will consider the perfect lamp as a bit futuristic and thus representing a robot. The choice is yours, you can also customize your steampunk lamp, this movement is based on innovation and creation, many people start with a lamp base and then come to customize it by incorporating steampunk accessories. All of our lamps are steampunk electric lamp so you just have to plug them in to enlighten your room.

      Where to place your steampunk lamp?

      An important question before choosing a steampunk lamp, will be to know its location, will it be in a room, an office, the living room or a bathroom. Each steampunk lamp is unique, but not all of them can be adapted to the desired environment, for example if you are looking for a desk lamp, the lamps to hang on the wall will not be the best option, and vice versa. So it is important to know where you want to put your steampunk lamp. Once you have made your choice, explore our collection and see which lamps might suit your needs.
      You can also work on a whim and simply explore the collection without having a fixed thought about it. Once the design has convinced you, you can think about the layout of your steampunk lamp. To help you, here is a small selection of the main categories of lamps you can find on Steampunkstyler:

      • For the Desk

      You can find a lot of lamps for office in our collection, steampunk desk lamps are very useful to work, or decorate with taste your professional space. 

      • For the Floor

       Lamps more voluminous than others, steampunk floor lamps, are also extremely popular, they can change the overall atmosphere of your room, and this, only by turning on the switch. 

      • For the Wall

      Steampunk wall lamps are the last big category of lamps. They are beautiful lamps which are considered as real work of art, they will perfectly decorate your living room, and will become the main element of it

      Our best steampunk lamp ideas will allow you to elaborate a totally vintage and industrial decoration!

      Immerse yourself in this retro-futuristic and Victorian universe.
      When we talk about "light" and "steampunk", we think directly of Tesla and Edison. The steampunk style, with its gears and pipes, will make your decor even more unique! If you want to discover more decorations for your rooms, let's discover our collection of Steampunk Airships. A collection dedicated, also, to a steampunk decoration in its own right, in another register certainly, but which like our steampunk lamps, will bring to your room this little something which will make the difference in the atmosphere of your room.

      Antique style, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, chandelier, sconce, or simple bulbs.
      Try for example our Vintage Industrial Lamp or our Vintage Desk Lamp !