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      9 products

      Clocks have become indispensable, they beautifully decorate our home, our room and give a little more design to our environment. A Steampunk Clock go further than that, it will open to you the doors to the Steampunk world. An atmosphere that will be felt throughout your home.

      Welcome to our steampunk wall clocks collection page

      The steampunk style originated from the literature of the 19th century, during the industrial revolution. Thanks to this, the steampunk movement has been integrated into our culture in a big way. Today, this movement continues to skyrocket in popularity. Steampunk wall clocks have arrived in an era of industrialization and globalization, where people needed to be able to find their way through time. Our steampunk clocks are very characteristic of the era in which they were born. With a very industrial orientation, this collection, with its apparent gears and cogs, will blend in perfectly with this movement. Let's start with our first clock: the Steampunk Clock Moving Gears. To complete the decoration of your room you can also discover our collection of Steampunk Decors.

      How to make the perfect Steampunk Clock?

      When it comes to interior design, everyone has their own style and preferences. Generally, we like to create an atmosphere that charms and soothes us. If yours refers to steampunk, what better than a steampunk clock? It is not said enough, but this type of wall clock is becoming more and more popular in households and leaves no one indifferent. It completely changes the codes of modernism and brings that retro touch to your interior. Delicately placed on the main wall, this clock will attract the eyes of all your guests. Its raw materials, generally sober, subtly create a vintage aspect that has a particular charm. When you opt for a large format model, it becomes the spearhead of your interior decoration. So why wait to break away from the ordinary? Add a steampunk clock to your cart now and let the magic happen.
      We love this style, linked to the industrial revolution of coal and steam
      Another feature is that it never goes unnoticed. From its global conception to the realization of its finishes, everything is thought so that it marks the spirits. This is why it is most often attached to an old theme that makes you relive a specific experience. This is for example the case of the steampunk barbershop clock, which reminds us of the common tools of the 19th century.
      We also think of more daring designs, like the apparent mechanical model, some models combine both old time style and modern design. They are charming and simply indescribable with words. At home, they will sublimate your walls.

      • How to choose your steampunk wall clock to combine aesthetics and practicality?

      Certainly, clocks do not have the same value today. Their primary function of displaying the time is now secondary to their aesthetic aspect. Therefore, it is important to know which clock to choose to combine these two parameters and make the most of your decor. According to our experts, here are the two questions to ask yourself before buying a clock style decoration.

      • Is this the right style for my home?

      You may not know it, but your clock should be consistent with your interior. If you're going for a retro style, make sure your furniture goes with it. Although these clocks have the particularity to be passe-partout, it breaks the look sometimes.

      Time is the symbol of the steampunk style

      The steampunk style is characterized by several predominant symbols, whether copper, bronze, pipes, steam, but one of the most powerful symbols and time. It is a central theme in steampunk filmography. That's why steampunk clocks are extremely popular with fans of the style. These clocks represent in themselves this symbol of the passing of time, a real work of art with infinite meaningful purposes. It will immerse you in deep and thoughtful thoughts about the passing of time. 

      Although these clocks are a true symbol of this style, they are all unique and will have very different meanings, so you'll have to carefully choose the one that best suits you. That's why at Steampunkstyler we keep our catalog up to date so that you have as much choice as possible. If you have a particular clock in mind, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can do some research and provide you with an even more personalized clock.

      The main materials used to create steampunk Clocks

      The majority of steampunk clocks are handcrafted decorations, masterpieces born from the passion of craftsmen. Most of these works of art are made from one of these materials: metal, wood and Nixie.

      Metal steampunk clock

      Metal steampunk clocks have the advantage of being solid and durable. Moreover, this material is the cornerstone of industrial decoration: the pillar of the steampunk style. These works of art testify to the know-how and expertise of the creators. They come in many colors, shapes and styles, but always have an exceptional finish.

      Wooden Steampunk Clock

      The mastery of clock-making methods is essential in the design of steampunk wooden clocks. In addition to requiring hours of work, these works require great inspection and skill to make the finish perfect. This style aims to bring a vintage note in your decoration. They require great attention, because all the pieces of the movement are sometimes built in wood. A great puzzle requiring a great technicality and precision to create a futuristic gadget with a steampunk sauce, for which you will surely succumb.

      Nixie Steampunk Clock

      The Nixie clocks surprise by the modernity of their display, but also by the old technology of the Nixie tubes. Moreover, these tubes often diffuse a sparkling light. Nixie clocks combine various raw materials, such as metal and wood, with glass and plexiglass to generate an atypical style with a steampunk look. They are perfect for producing a retro-futuristic decor: the signature of the steampunk style. After analyzing the different types of materials used to create steampunk clocks, did you know that two types of steampunk clocks exist on the market? On the one hand, you have the wall models and on the other hand, the models to be put down. Let's focus on the steampunk clocks to be put down!

      The symbols that inspired our collection of steampunk clocks.

      The steampunk style is closely related to the Big Ben Clock. Perched on an impressive height of 96 meters, this clock with a large diameter of 2.7 meters has greatly influenced the retrofuturist aesthetic. This universe was greatly inspired by this impressive tower, its Victorian and Gothic architecture. The Elizabeth Tower, also known as the "clock tower", commonly known as Big Ben was a project designed and built by Charles Barry.
      This project dictates the creation of a new palace, following the fire of Westminster, the old palace. The construction of this palace emphasized the neo-Gothic style. The chief architect of this project was Barry, but the creation of Big Ben was made by Augustus Pugin. Currently, many steampunk clocks are called Big ben, highlighting this splendid tower and its huge and spectacular clock.

      It's hard to talk about steampunk clocks without mentioning the famous Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver. The Gastown Steam Clock is located at the intersection of Water Street and Cambie, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver. Although this clock appears to be a relic from the Victorian era, it was created in 1977 by Raymond L. Saunders, a Canadian clockmaker. This clock is undoubtedly the 2nd steam clock that the world has ever known, just after the one built by John Inshaw.

      Steampunk Wall Clock Features

      If you embark on the idea of installing a steampunk clock on your wall, it will give your interior the coveted industrial feel. In addition, the clock will create a very visual feeling with the decorative elements that surround it, such as those famous damaged cards or the legendary steampunk hat. Check out our wonderful collection of steampunk clocks! And if you want some inspiration for your steampunk decoration, check out our collection.