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      18 products

      Steampunk Sunglasses for men, find the steampunk spirit by wearing our glasses "100% punky"

      For the retro futuristic genre enthusiasts, steampunk is much more than a fashion, much more than a genre... It is a real way of life. The expression of an inveterate steamer goes first through his clothing style. Indeed, the steampunk costume of a self-respecting steamer must reflect the personality of the character he wants to embody, in other words, the steamship he wants to bring out.

      This postulate allows to affirm that each element of the steampunk costume must have a meaning and be coherent with the steamsona of the embodied character.

      The steampunk glasses are probably one of the most important steampunk accessories. Indeed, this accessory is visible at first sight and therefore quickly brings out the style of the character. Depending on the desired steamsona, choose the right pair of glasses.

      For a classy and elegant character, from the aristocracy for example, round retro glasses will fit perfectly in your steampunk costume. For a more underground, punkish character, choose kaleidoscope glasses or cyber goth glasses. For a scientific inventor character, welder's glasses will add a touch of "excessive passion".

      A pair of retro futuristic glasses or vintage glasses in copper, silver, black or bronze will make all the difference in your Victorian steampunk outfit. Moreover, if the other accessories are matched with your sunglasses, it will give a breathtaking, unique and anti conformist look.

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