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34 products

Find the magnificent collection of Steampunk Decor. A unique collection to stay in the Steampunk era. You will find here our paintings, lamps and clocks. As is the case with the retrofuturistic style, many of our steampunk decoration pieces presented here have various influences

Find your Steampunk Decor

The steampunk revolution is here. We are proud to offer a wide assortment of steampunk objects, the most cutting edge available. Of course, this collection is bound to grow. This means that when you want to improve your interior with the codes of steampunk, you can get your steampunk objects here and even suggest us your expectations. Let's begin with our first collection, the Steampunk Lamps.

As usual the vintage style especially Victorian is unavoidable, steampunk decoration can be simply defined as the mixture of elegance and industrial elements of the 19th century. The genre is still new and elusive in interior design, it is slowly starting to show its influence in the world of interior design.


The best collection for your Steampunk Home Decor

Keep in mind the illustrations in the novels of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells. Take inspiration from movies or series influenced by the style and you will see that it is easy to imagine your interior completely transformed, inspired by characters like Sherlock Holmes or Van Helsing and some inventions based on steam power built from gears. If you love this style, you'll love our collection of Steampunk Lamps.

Vintage objects are often combined with industrial style and complement each other perfectly, as well as Scandinavian or Bohemian decor. Dare to mix these multiple influences for a retro-futuristic interior decoration out of time. We also recommend using accessories such as a steampunk hat or googles to accentuate the warm and functional side. If you like decoration, you'll love these miniature houses.

A lot of inspirations to get new Steampunk decor ideas

The Steampunk Universe is filled with gadgets and objects that have that strange neo-Victorian look that characterizes the style so well. Keep in mind that the colors and materials remain those of the era. So copper, silver, tan and other metallic and warm colors like leather will bring a lot. Be inventive and recycle if possible.