Steampunk Watches For Men


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31 products

31 products

A desire for a Steampunk watch for men, of vintage, Victorian or industrial influence?

Watches are not only accessories that follow us on a daily basis, they are much more than instruments to tell the time... They are jewels that reflect your personality and that allow you to bring a singular touch to your style. So if, like at steampunkstyler, you don't understand the usefulness of connected watches, and you prefer watches with character, go for a steampunk watch!

In our Steampunk Store, we offer a collection of steampunk watches. These watches for men or women, in gusset, pendant or bracelet are often mechanical and called skeleton watches (style of watch where the mechanism is apparent).

They are original, of great quality, and all at a very affordable price... our choice is vast and the watch of your dreams is surely on Steampunkstyler. Some models are hand-wound, others are quartz. In the latter case, a battery is provided. You can consult our blog article to help you choose.

Discover our selection like the cheap aviator watch, inspired by the world of aviation and the famous Patrouille de France. Let yourself be seduced by the vintage men's square watch, ideal for adding a retro touch to your look.

Mechanical enthusiasts will not be left out with the mecanique men's watch, revealing its mechanism in all elegance. Explore our dedicated page and find the perfect mechanical watch to approach each day with style and confidence.

Watches are categorized by family for ease of navigation, but a steampunk watch can be skeletonized and gusseted at the same time, so our categorization is arbitrary, so it's up to you to poke around to find the nugget that will suit your taste. So we have classified as follows:

  • The timepiece: they have the DNA of the retro-futuristic style with multiple dials and a flashy design.
  • The skeleton watch, divided into two sub-collections, the skeleton watches for women and the skeleton watches for men: it is the possibility to see the mechanical parts of bronze, yellow gold or pink gold moving in a choreographed show.
  • The pocket watch: traditionally the old watch with its chain. It can be used as a pendant (women) or as a necklace. Men hang it on the pocket of the jacket (the gusset) or on the belt. It is now one of the most popular fashion accessories.
  • Steampunk wristwatch: simply having a watch attached to the wrist by a bracelet like modern watches.

A word about pocket watches: Steampunk is inspired by animals as in our silver steel owl watch pendant. It can also be inspired by Victorian novels like Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Although we like to watch the hands trotting on a stainless steel dial, the metals used are made of an alloy of zinc, copper or brass to vary the colors and textures. The goal is to give an industrial vintage style and to realize real jewel watches. The length of the chain is also taken into account for comfort of use.

A word about the wristwatches: whether mechanical or automatic, not having to wind your mechanical skeleton watch is a plus. Of course the price is affected but no need to check the battery of your quartz watch. A jewel, wristwatch or other must have an impeccable finish.

The silver or gold (gold plated) bracelet gives an undeniable steampunk effect. As well as the leather bracelet (or imitation leather) to approach an adventurer and vintage aviator style look. Click on add to cart, order or offer a wonderful gift, a real original fashion accessory.

If you are interested in our Steampunk Watches For Men collection, don't hesitate to check out our next category Steampunk Men and awaken your robotic vision of the world!