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50 products

Find your Steampunk watch, with a wide choice for all tastes, with a common point: their quality. Products designed and selected for their references to the magical world of Steampunk. The Steampunk watch will bring you back to the elegance and charm of the Victorian era. 

Do you like steampunk watches? For Men or Women, Vintage, Victorian or industrial influence, find one of your dreams in our collection.

Watches are not only accessories that follow us on a daily basis, they are much more than instruments to read the time... They are jewels that reflect your personality and allow you to bring a singular touch to your style. So if, like at Steampunk Styler, you don't understand the usefulness of connected watches, and you prefer watches with characters, go for a steampunk watch! In our Steampunk Store, we offer a collection of Steampunk Watches. These watches for men or women, in the gusset, pendant or bracelet are often mechanical and called skeleton watches (style of the watch where the mechanism is apparent). They are original, of great quality, and all at a very affordable price... our choice is vast and the watch of your dreams is surely on Steampunk Styler. Some models are hand-wound, others are quartz. In the latter case, a battery is provided. You can read our blog post to help you choose.

What are the types of steampunk Watch?

  • Quartz watch

In this wide collection of Steampunk watches, you will find two different types of models, first the quartz watches and then the mechanical watches. The quartz watch in this collection are all delicately and meticulously sorted, there are watches with round or rectangular dials, with more or less fine hands. Some models are transparent. So you can see the gears, the movement of the balance and all the mechanics that move the second hand and other hands. Some models are more focused on time travel with the compass and the temperature indicated on the dial.

  • Mechanical watch

In the category of mechanical watch, there are very beautiful watches with hands that will need to be manually wound once a day to preserve the perpetual movement of this automatic watch. Some models of watches such as the one with a vintage brass dial is completely transparent. The type of bracelets offered are leather, leatherette, silver bracelet, stainless steel and alloy some patinas have an aged vintage effect remarkably achieved

What is a steampunk Watch?

Steampunk is a style of art and design that dates back to the Victorian era and involves adapting some elements of the technology of the old era to introduce some details of the new century. There are many features that you will see when buying a Steampunk watch. However, there are a few things you need to know in order to recognize one of the best on the market.

First of all, you will be able to identify the Steampunk watch from its case design. The Steampunk watch will have a handle that you can pull to see the top of the watch. It will also have the difference between the case that comes with the strap. It is said that these watches will be slightly different from other models.

The line to look for is a process that some people use to get this line. If some people will use other advanced materials, they will use metals for the outer layer of the watch. The metal layers will make the watch stronger than other watches that have plastic covers.

The second feature that you can see when you buy a watch that has a different line is the movement that it uses. This watch will use electrical circuits that will make the watch move. This is usually very impressive and will make your watch stand out.

Another thing to consider when looking for a Steampunk watch is its size. This is important because a watch that is too big will not be comfortable to wear. It will make you feel uncomfortable. You should look for a watch that fits well and comfortably on your wrist.

The third thing to look for when looking for a Steampunk watch is the material it is made of. There are many materials that can be used to make this watch, but the most popular is leather. Leather is considered a traditional watch material.

There are also watches that will be made from copper plate. It is said to be the strongest and will not fade over time. Many other metals are used to make Steampunk watches, but the most popular materials are silver and gold.

Steampunk designs are based on the culture and fashion of the Victorian era. It is not just an ordinary piece of jewelry that can be worn for special occasions. It will serve as a symbol of your style.

The watch you buy should have an attractive design. It should be easy to maintain. It should have a classic look and a simple design.

If you want to choose a watch that is easy to use, you will need to find a watch that will last a long time. This means that it should be able to withstand normal use. It should be easy to clean and should not require any maintenance. You will also need to look for a watch that is affordable. In fact, you should not pay more than a couple of hundred dollars for a watch. You can choose one that will cost you less while maintaining the same features.


The perfect Steampunk Watches for men and women 

The watches are classified by family for ease of navigation, but a steampunk watch can be skeleton and gusseted at the same time, so our classification is arbitrary, it's up to you to poke around to find the nugget that will be to your taste. So we have classified as follows:

The Steampunk Pocket Watch: traditionally the old watch with its chain. It can be used as a pendant (women) or as a necklace. Men hang it on the pocket of the jacket (the gusset) or on the belt. It is now one of the most popular fashion accessories. These are beautiful watches, historically worn by aristocrats and bourgeois, these watches bring confidence and class to their holder. Nowadays, pocket watches are rightly considered as an extremely original item that is slowly coming back into fashion.

  • Steampunk Wristwatch

Steampunk Wristwatch: simply having a watch attached to the wrist by a bracelet like modern watches. This category of watches represents, the more traditional watches, they are attached to the wrist as the majority of watches. 

  • Steampunk watches for men
  • Steampunk watches for women

So it's time to start looking for the steampunk watch of your dreams, the watch that will allow you to dream and wear the most beautiful steampunk style. For more questions and personalized advice, please contact our Steampunk Styler.