Steampunk Red Brocade Corset

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The Steampunk Red Brocade Corset has a nice Victorian brocade pattern. For Steampunk lovers, this is definitely the corset with a vintage touch that you need.

This corset is quite rigid, it will refine the waist and maintain your posture. In return, you will be stilted. The closure in the middle is made by brass buckles that add something more unusual to the piece. 

A point about the corset: worn to shape the bust according to the aesthetic criteria of the Victorian era. It is a rigid piece of clothing that has two functions: of course to refine the waist, but also to maintain the chest. 

In steampunk, the attachment of the genre to the 19th century makes it the essential garment for all lovers of retro futuristic style. In cosplay but also and especially in everyday life, corsets are back in fashion. Be stylish and trendy with our inimitable steampunk corsets.   

  • Materials: Spandex, Polyester 
  • Spandex: brings elasticity, returns to the original shape after stretching
  • Polyester: durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry

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Steampunk Red Brocade Corset
In cosplay or in everyday life, slip on an embroidered, leather or satin corset. You can also try another corset to unlock the steampunk style. Update the fashion of yesteryear by sculpting and refining your waist with the Steampunk Corsets collection. Be a stylish and trendy woman using Steampunk Clothing to be part of the unique Steampunk movement.
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