What is steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk is a literary sub-genre that has gradually developed into a full-fledged genre in aesthetics, fashion, art, movies, etc. Inspired by the Victorian era of the XIXᵉ industrial era, based on the technology of the steam engine, steampunk has created its own codes: style of dress, gadgets, architecture...

Everyone knows Steampunk, without necessarily having heard the term. We recognize it very easily: airships, gears and gigantic clocks are the symbols of this movement.


In addition to literary, cinematographic and gaming works, steampunk has also established itself as a style. And not just any style: vintage, Victorian, retro-futuristic, and sometimes gothic. Gentlemen in suits and top hats, ladies in corsets and boots, not to mention the pocket watch! There are, throughout the world, a multitude of conventions and festivals dedicated to this theme of an older, but more aesthetic era. Hundreds of artists, sculptors, musicians and designers have made steampunk their own and are feeding it with their creations.

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Steampunk is so popular because it is a sub-genre of science fiction inspired by the steam engines of the late 19th century. We are mainly set in Victorian England or in the American Wild West, when steam technology reached its peak. The Steampunk universe usually includes retro-futuristic moments in which steam power is still commonly used. It can also be said to be part of one of the fantasy worlds, dotted with machinery of all kinds.

However, steampunk is more than a literary genre. It is a way of life combining science and imagination. There is steampunk art, fashion, music. Steampunk is a hybrid genre because it incorporates elements of many other genres, including fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction, especially alternative futures. This differs from the neo-Victorian style. Steampunk, a blend of worlds imagined in the 1800s, a world where science and technology had advanced at a rapid pace. The Victorian style benefits from all the technology of the time and is composed of precise mechanical steam machines powering giant airships and retro-futuristic engineering.


As steampunk's popularity exploded with the interplanetary success of Wild Wild West, the "punk" in steampunk seemed to have lost some of its original meaning. The "punk" was seen as a social movement or extreme radicalization coming from a dystopian future in some steampunk works. Belonging to this movement and community represents the revolt against societal norms. Daring to take a stand against government and social rules, and being able to express oneself through creativity. To discover everything about what is steampunk just click on the link to learn everything about it.

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It was the renowned actor KW Jeter who coined the term "steampunk" in 1987. He used it to describe stories set in the 19th century. They were directly inspired by science fiction, and in particular by the stories of the writer HG Wells. The first works to be specifically described as steampunk include two of Jeter's own novels, Morlock Night and Infernal Devices. Although these novels are the first to which the term "steampunk" would be applied, they are not characteristic of the genre since they do not feature the development of steam-based technologies.

Although the term "steampunk" originated in the late 1980s, many works now considered essential to the genre were published in the 1960s and 1970s. Literary scholars have also applied the term to works created as early as the 1950s. Science Fiction as the Core! Steampunk fiction highlights modern technologies and inventions as people of the 19ᵉ century would have imagined them. Likewise, works in this genre are firmly rooted in the culture, art, and fashion of the Victorian era. Machines similar to those described by HG Wells and Jules Verne in their stories often serve as major plots. Steampunk technology includes steam cannons and zeppelins as well as mechanical computers.

The different Steampunk style Movement:


The culture, fashions and styles based on the aesthetics of steampunk fiction are also known as "steampunk". These include films and art nouveau creations that were generally created in the mid-twentieth century. Individual artists have modified various modern objects in a steampunk style, and many musicians are also considered steampunk. Culture at the center! The popularity of steampunk is reflected in the growing number of fans who wish to embrace the steampunk culture through art, fashion, and lifestyle. Many blogs, magazines and online stores are dedicated to this culture, which combines modern technology with Victorian fashion.

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The Comikaze Expo founded by Marvel comics writer Stan Lee welcomed the most faithful representatives of this world to discuss steampunk culture in 2012. It was chaired by host Veronique Chevalier, with panels including members of the League of STEAM and magician Pop Hadyn. The theme of the discussion was the development of steampunk into a superculture due to its growing fan base and the incorporation of elements from many subcultures such as cyberpunk, gothic and neo-Victorian. A bit of Art in a fantasy world, Steampunk art is often inspired by early films in the genre. The Nautilus submarine in the 1954 Disney adventure film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" has a classic steampunk aesthetic, as do the costumes and other equipment used by the characters. The time machine in the 1960 film of the same name is also a common inspiration for modern steampunk art. The steampunk airship is also a common feature of steampunk art.


A strong taste for fashion, Steampunk fashion is still in its infancy, but it is generally based on modern styles with Victorian influences. These influences can be seen in women's fashion with dresses and undergarments such as shakes, corsets and petticoats. 


The men's clothing style usually includes vests, coats, as well as hats and bowler hats. Military inspired clothing is also a common theme in men's steampunk fashion. The steampunk style costume is the way you are going to dress for an event such as a wedding or a party. Steampunk fashion accessories often include pilot's glasses, skeleton watches, parasols and hats.



They also include modern accessories such as smartphones, although they must be modified to look Victorian. Steampunk fashion sometimes has a post-apocalyptic look, with accessories like gas masks. A great unfinished era to date! It's essentially the meeting of two worlds, or two points in time. Heavily based on the Victorian era, Steampunk merges classic 19ᵉ century themes and styles. The result is all the more satisfying, with the vintage-looking yet futuristic devices often created with visible gears and moving parts. Fashions based on Victorian looks but incorporating brass gadgets. Places in time that look like a mix of the past and the future.

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