Asian Steampunk: All you need to know

Asian Steampunk : All you need to know

Steampunk is a literary genre that takes us back to the Victorian era. This style has become a real culture and is spreading more and more in Asia. Many video games, movies and anime are adopting it. Find out everything you need to know about Steampunk in Asia in this article.

Steampunk universe, what is it?

Simply put, steampunk is a culture that encompasses a style of clothing and architecture from the 19th century during the industrial revolution. It can be considered an uchrony that essentially refers to the use of steam engines during the Victorian era. It is also marked by the use of gears and technologies especially in the video game world. It can thus be defined as a parallel universe where an event of the past has been modified.

Steampunk Festival

This universe is already quite well known in Europe, in the United States and is also starting to be known in Asia. There are also enthusiasts who enjoy meetings during festivals. For example, the "Anno 1900" festival in Luxembourg or "The Asylum" in England. These festivals bring together thousands of people, all of whom are steampunk enthusiasts, if you want to wear the best cosplay let's have a look to our blog article on the Steampunk Fashion.

Jules Verne also evoked many references in his works that would later be incorporated into steampunk. His novels of an adventure genre highlight a world that evolves at the pace of machines during the first half of the 19th century. He is therefore considered the inspiration and precursor of this literary style. Moreover, these works are still currently appreciated for their originality.

Steampunk is becoming more and more popular in Asia, why?

This style has spread in Asia through manga and anime. It is illustrated through well-known works such as "Metropolis" or "The Walking Castle". These films evoke a world centered on technology that refers to the Victorian era. They also reveal retro futuristic elements such as robots and a castle that can move. Other creations such as "Full Metal Alchemist" or "Steam Boy" also focus on scientific development and the industrial revolution. They incorporate a decor and architecture characterized by steam technology.

Steampunk Airship Asian

Steampunk animation

Although there are still many works of this type, these remain the ones that have most influenced Asia to adopt steampunk. The success of these titles has therefore largely contributed to the development of this movement in this part of the world. They have generated impressive sales and remain true references in the field. It is not surprising then that this style is currently in vogue in many Asian countries, particularly in Japan. We can talk about animes which made Japan very famous on the 21st century. If you like this world you'll love to add to your costume a beautiful anime katana. Maybe it can be a little extra to your steampunk costume, who knows?...

Japan steampunk

The world of video games and Asian steampunk
Video games are also one of the main vectors of steampunk in Asia. It is through famous titles like "Bioshock" or "The Order 1886" that the Victorian style started to be known. Asian gamers have therefore been gradually influenced by this universe of gears and steam engines. Numerous video game creations that highlight steampunk are currently being released in the land of the rising sun.

Steampunk Decors

Japanese steampunk video games

Currently, Japanese steampunk enthusiasts can meet several times a year. A festival dedicated to this occasion has been created under the name of "Steam Garden". However, this meeting remains quite particular since it takes on a different appeal from what we are used to seeing. In fact, the organizers managed to make it a typically Japanese event by mixing steam engines and traditional kimonos. It is a beautiful cultural fusion in which all combinations are possible.

What makes Asian steampunk different?

One of the main differences between Western and Asian steampunk is the fact that the former is "heterogeneous". Indeed, the latter did not simply copy, but incorporated their own style. We can see a mixture of contemporary cultures during the Meiji period with a traditional aspect. The animations and various music were chosen beforehand to create a unique atmosphere. Those who are present can discover a friendly and original atmosphere.

Asian Steampunk

Asian steampunk is different from what we are used to see. It is associated with other local cultures and is growing more and more. The number of enthusiasts who gather at festivals is increasing over time. Anecdotally, the main organizer of Steam Garden remarked that he didn't really expect his event to become so popular. This is a testament to the growing success of these meetings. It's not surprising to see Katana samurai mixed with Industrial Revolution decor. If you want to learn more about derivative steampunk movement let's discover the Dieselpunk and the Cyberpunk movements.

These meetings are an opportunity for enthusiasts to make cosplays. The theme? Steampunk mixed with other cultures, whether traditional or contemporary. The costumes are very realistic, which can give the impression that we are in a world where steam technology dominates all aspects of life. Scientific inventions are then based on it.


 Steampunk Costume

How about some steampunk accessories?

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