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This is a great alternative to a real tattoo. Our steampunk tattoos hold for a few days, so you can enjoy its benefit without worrying about the future. Live the present moment and have the best steampunk style with this added touch. Realistic, each steampunk tattoo represents a story and values, which one is yours?

Get easily many steampunk tattoo ideas

New styles of body art are always appearing, and steampunk tattoos are proof of that. Although they have been around for several decades now, they are still relatively new tattoos if you compare them to other traditional designs. It is difficult to define these tattoos as they take on different shapes and styles while combining several elements to create a unique image.

Steampunk art is always renewing itself, some visuals are breathtaking. From steampunk owl tattoo to steampunk clock tattoo, we are going to help you find the one that makes you vibrate.

The uniqueness of steampunk tattoo designs

Tattooing is a field that does not escape steampunk. It all starts with the design, right down to the tattoo artist's needles. During the reign of Queen Victoria, tattoos began to be seen as a recreational activity, both for entertainment - with freak shows showing men and women tattooed on large parts of their bodies - and for personal enjoyment, the future King Edward VII and many aristocrats collecting a few ink sketches under their skin during their travels in the colonies.

Singular and recognizable among a thousand, the steampunk aesthetic is particularly well integrated into the world of tattooing. What steampunk has more than the others? Post-apocalyptic, space opera, uchrony: these sub-genres belonging to the very broad register of science fiction need to be well looked after. Because steampunk has very strong arguments against them - starting with its hold on tattooing, a field it entered several years ago.

The domination of steam engines is essentially due to its movement. Steampunk is recognisable thanks to its aesthetic, largely inspired by a 19th century taken by storm by the first industrial revolution of coal and steam - which we will translate as steam in Shakespeare's language. Aptly related to retrofuturism, steampunk invites us to imagine a planet that has given in to the massive use of steam engines, as our forefathers feared until the Victorian era.

Discover here awesome steampunk tattoos

The Victorian era also gave birth to the Steampunk genre, an aesthetic that blends science fiction, elegant Victorian iconography and futuristic steam engines. Steampunk is of course coveted for tattoo designs, which are however confused with mechanical and biomechanical tattoos. One sure thing is that there are more than tattoos, many steampunk armors are here to help you to create your own steampunk style. Steampunk aficionados revere Tesla, Edison and Jules Verne. Steampunk cannot be reduced to mere cogs and gears, it is a more strange misinterpretation of this part of history inhabited by beautiful British ladies and gentlemen.

What to choose between a steampunk heart tattoo or steampunk compass tattoo on the skin? A particularly coded genre, steampunk has managed to bring its most iconic symbols into the tattoo. Today, it is not uncommon to come across round pilot's glasses, pocket watches, top hats and dirigible balloons on the skin - in other words, the most iconic objects of the movement.