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2 products

The mix of Victorian era and retro-futurism has revived the taste for period shirts with a touch of madness: dare to be Steampunk.

There are no rules or limits to designing unique Steampunk Clothing for men, tailored to your expectations. Men often start with the essentials of a Steampunk costume such as a hat, glasses, bow tie or Victorian lace-up boots. However, a nice vest or velvet vest adds to the look and feel.

The colors are usually black or brown with accents of deep red, ivory and green. Lace and ruffles give their vintage look of the Victorian era, while leather and sometimes elements that bring back the indusstrial revolution.

Men prefer in Steampunk traditional, Victorian clothing with a darker side like striped pants, brocade vests, leather suspenders, why not a gun case, military boots, top hat and sunglasses. Steampunk clothing for men has various influences in the archetypes of adventurers, scientists, engineers and other styles that are limited only by your imagination.

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