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The Steampunk Pocket Watch represents one of the most powerful symbols of Steampunk fashion. Refined and elegant, it is the ideal tool to break the codes of classic fashion and bring a little more style and cachet to your outfit. 

The most beautiful Steampunk Gusset Watch

Steampunk is the fashionable baby of the Victorian era aesthetic and the science fiction imagination. The line between steampunk and the Victorian era is narrow and blotchy, leaving much room for interpretation.

It is the appropriation of futuristic technology, gadgets and gizmos assembled into stylish 19th century clothing, but it also encompasses retro-futuristic style, technology, philosophy and scientific theory in literature, movies, lifestyle, interior design, entertainment and philosophical perspectives.
Discover our beautiful collection of Steampunk Gusset Watches! Wheel, Cog, Gear or the Octopus which is well known from the steampunk movement, find your happiness.

Historically, the pocket watches were the first watches for men, this object was reserved for a rather well-to-do customer, thus underlining a certain level of fortune and financial comfort. The fact of giving the time was a sign of superiority and gallantry. These watches have gradually given way to more classic watches that are wristwatches, however a large community of purists is still present, updating the pocket watch, the steampunk movement, is part of this community, giving this type of watch a dandy chic. On Steampunkstyler you'll find the best steampunk pocket watches for mens.

How to make the perfect Steampunk Pocket Watch?

What is the perfect pocket watch steampunk? This question comes up regularly in our community, and it must be said that this question is important in choosing a pocket watch. Indeed, there are many styles of pocket watches, so what makes one or another a totally Steampunk watch?
First an important element will be the style that the watch gives off and the patterns present on it, this is greatly conditioned by the color of the watch. If you want a steampunk pocket watch then it will have to respect the steampunk color code: black, gold, red or copper.
In addition to the color, you can recognize a steampunk watch by its patterns. We find a lot of cogs on steampunk watches, with visible mechanisms on many of them. There are also details engraved on this type of watch, patterns that plunge us at a glance in this style recognizable, among those we will find patterns a little vintage and industrial or sometimes cogs integrated into the shell of the watch.

How to wear a Steampunk Pocket Watch?

Wearing a steampunk watch is very simple, and we will provide you with some valuable tips to get the most out of your beautiful steampunk pocket watch. First, choose whether you want to wear it every day in your casual style, or only at steampunk events. In casual style, we recommend you to opt for a more sober and less flashy chain than if you are in conference. A nice matte chain will be perfect, where a beautiful gold chain will be perfect in conference, more flashy. Of course the color should match your outfit, however, we strongly recommend that the color of your chain and your pocket watch stand out from the general color of your outfit, precisely to make the chain stand out by leaving it visible. 

The second tip is to own several pocket watches, indeed it is important for a steampunk enthusiast to own several models of pocket watches, to adapt to each outfit and especially to situations. The price of our pocket watches is precisely adjusted to this need, allowing you to buy several at a reasonable price.

Top 5 most beautiful steampunk pocket watches:

Here is a small selection of the most beautiful steampunk pocket watches in our collection. This selection has been made with the different feedbacks of our customers. 

1. Steampunk Alice in Wonderlands Pocket Watch

How not to start this top with the magnificent pocket watch of Alice in Wonderland, this watch of anthology to cross the years thanks to the famous film and its many adaptations. A watch that retraces the events of the film, available in several colors and with a beautiful copper color that will plunge you directly into a steampunk world tinged with wonders.

2. Steampunk Kraken Pocket Watch

The kraken is the sea monster par excellence of the steampunk movement, the watch with its effigy traces this symbol ultra present in the steampunk history. A magnificent watch representing a silver kraken, certainly one of the most appreciated watches.

3. Gothic/Steampunk Pocket Watch

The gothic movement is never very far from the steampunk movement, that's why we find many accessories that can be assimilated as well in one style as in another, the beautiful gothic pocket watch is the perfect example. Its totally black aspect with small red reminders, which plunges us into a slightly bloody and mechanical universe, gives this watch 

4. Steampunk Bone Pocket Watch

One of the most stylized of our pocket watches, with a protection in the shape of skeletons and bones. A beautiful model to own urgently.

5. Steampunk Skeleton Gearing Pocket Watch

The last watch of this top also represents one of the most present symbols in the steampunk universe, which are the gears. Indeed, on this watch you can find many cogs for a magnificent stylized effect.  

Why buy a Steampunk Pocket Watch? 

Are you looking for an elegant watch for yourself? Do you want an extraordinary watch with amazing features? You should buy a steampunk pocket watch and for example the perfect Steampunk Pocket Watch Mechanical Lover.

Steampunk pocket watches are elegant and classy. They allow you to show your style. If you are looking for a steampunk inspired watch, it will be easy for you to choose the best one. The clock is ticking, so don't be late! The pocket watch is an important part of the steampunk style, as gears and clockwork greatly influence the industrial appeal of the genre. If you like this collection, you'll love our collection dedicated to Steampunk Wrist Watches.

A Watch based on the Victorian and Industrial themes

Our selection of Steampunk pocket watches is largely based on the Victorian and industrial theme, offering a wide variety of tasteful watches. Many of our Pocket watches have Victorian decorations and patterns on their cases and covers. Others have glass covers, allowing you to see the time without having to open the watch. They come with a chain for ease of use and transportation.

With unique thematic :

  • Silver steampunk pocket watch
  • Mechanical steampunk pocket watch
  • Alice in Wonderland steampunk pocket watch

Whether it's for casual use or evening wear, our steampunk pocket watches are always pleasing to the eye. So if you need to measure time, grab a watch from our online store. You'll also love our collection of Steampunk Wrist Watch

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