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The collection of steampunk trousers with either a classic Victorian look or more fantastical and eccentric versions enjoyed in the retro-futurist movement. It's an important part of your steampunk cosplay. You can also use a steampunk pant in your daily life to proudly show your personality and values you represent. There is choice for everyone, men and women are welcome to discover this fantastic collection!

How to make the perfect Steampunk pants?

To have the most perfect steampunk pants, you will have to go back to the very definitions of steampunk and see if the pants you have selected meet its criteria. There are a lot of steampunk pants, which have very different styles, that's why it is particularly complex to choose the right one. Indeed, as far as steampunk pants are are concerned, you may want to wear refined pants, with a vintage design, closer to suit pants, or pants with a much more gothic style with chains and cogs. Whether it's one or the other, these two pants totally belong to the steampunk universe, only it's not the same movement and the same type of cosplay that can fit. The important thing is to have a global idea of your cosplay or steampunk outfit that you want, once the idea in mind you will have to assemble the different elements of your outfit, the pants will be part of it.

Top 3 of our steampunk pants:

Here is a small selection of pants that have been loved by our steampunk community. A selection made with the help of feedback from our customers following their orders, their cosplay and their outfits. 

Steampunk Pirate pants

Very light pants to wear, in fact it is close to the baggy drop, but is a little more dressy to give your cosplay a touch of classy pirating. There are several types of steampunk pirate pants. It will depend on the style of steampunk pirate you want to embody, if you want to become a classy and mysterious pirate, it is better to opt for a straight cut pants. If you prefer the slightly more bloodthirsty pirate style, then baggy pants will be perfect.

Steampunk Victorian pants

Victorian steampunk pants are the most popular of our pants, in fact they represent the majority of the steampunk movement. This era of prosperity has largely inspired the steampunk movement, so it is normal to find this style of pants in our collection. The steampunk pants have a straight cut and close to the body, they are usually adorned with gold or silver buttons on the pockets, these elements recall the royalty of this era. These pants, will offer you a very classy and refined style, these pants are the one you need if you want to become a real gentleman.
There are also Victorian pants for women, just as beautiful as those for men, you will be surprised by their quality of design.

Steampunk Gothic pants

The gothic style is never far from the steampunk style, these two movements are at the same time so far and so close. That's why we find gothic and steampunk pants. This type of pants will allow you to bring a wonderful touch of gothic to your steampunk cosplay, this crossover between styles will certainly dazzle the people present at the conference or event. 

Are you looking for Steampunk women pants?

If so, you have arrived at the right place. Even though it was frowned upon for a woman to wear pants, the vintage and steampunk style is a bit different. Women in the retro-futurist style are fighters, independent and strong. There are many ladies of character to illustrate this spirit of rebellion against restrictive and outdated mores. The past can be interpreted as we wish, women steampunk pants are part of the history, that is clearly the point of steampunk.

Will your choice be the famous chino trousers? Maybe an elastic waist, high waist, skinny or just slim? Try to imagine the starlets of the 50’s in a steampunk style. Add accessories for a more timeless result, with a touch of madness and fantasy. Women's clothing have a variety of styles that are influenced by steampunk. We can name the Victorian era, which is an inexhaustible source of retro-futuristic inspiration. There also is the Gothic style with the Steampunk Gothic Pant for instance. For trousers with a shorter history, the rockabilly genre from the 50s to the 70s is a good compromise.

For women, there is a Steampunk Lingerie collection dedicated to your desires, feel free to have a look at it. We also recommend steampunk leggings if you are sporty or prefer casual steampunk trousers for women.

Men Steampunk Pants, complete your style

There are several choices you can make for a steampunk man pant. For instance, you have Victorian men pants or high-waisted trousers in dark colors. There is also another option, the military steampunk style, which use cargo trousers. Finally, you can opt for ripped leather trousers, they seem to be the latest trend. Whatever your look, there is a pant for your costume. Be creative and improve them yourself, or wear them as they are. 

Don’t wait longer, discover now our steampunk pants for guys and choose yours. We recommend considering adding a steampunk belt to your trousers for a striking look. Accessories help anchor your vintage style to a more specific time period.

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