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2 products

Steampunk jackets to bring out the steamer in you

Steampunk fashion is for men but also for women steamers. It can be mixed with any other style, like gothic steampunk, Victorian steampunk. So, to have a complete retro look, you can combine your costume with the steampunk jackets that our online store offers.

Our collection of steampunk clothes is inspired by the Victorian era and honors the Steampunk fashion. For all your costume parties and steampunk themed events, don't hesitate to adopt the different jackets of our collection.

These jackets fit perfectly into the steampunk cosplay. Thus, adopting our jackets for your costume parties will undoubtedly attract all eyes on you because of the elegance you will give off.

Moreover, you can combine the jackets with shorts, pants, skirts as well as accessories such as jewelry, watches, boots, glasses for a perfect retro look.

Women's steampunk jacket to bring out the elegance and femme fatale that you are!

If you want to not only better embody your steamsona and bring out the elegance in you at cosplay shows or any other steampunk event, then opting for a women's steampunk jacket from our collection would suit you perfectly.

The different steampunk jackets of our collection for an outstanding elegance

We offer in your online steampunk store several types of men's jackets that will give your costumes a vintage look and the elegance of the Victorian era. You can opt for the Victorian jacket for women for a Victorian style and a perfect mix of genres.

The tailcoat steampunk jacket will surprise you with its slim fit thanks to its quality fabric that will perfectly fit your shape. It will bring out the femme fatale in you and give you the elegance of the Victorian era.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a high end jacket that will allow you to embody a woman of character with a high social standing during the industrial revolution era, then a distinguished red steampunk jacket is what you need. It will bring elegance and chic to your personality.

Our steampunk jackets: respecting steampunk codes

Our collection of jackets fits perfectly with cosplay and respects the codes of steampunk style. The garments feature typical elements of the steampunk universe such as metallic fasteners, ornamental buttons, etc. In addition, these jackets are in black: a basic color of the steampunk movement, and also in red.

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