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Distinguished persons love to wear a hat, passionate people prefer to wear a steampunk hat! Welcome to the Steampunk hats collection. Large by its number of hats, you can choose between different designs and sizes. Take your time, imagine yourself wearing it, and then select it to perfect your steampunk costume. We think to everyone, thus we propose steampunk hats for men and women. Here is a secret advice, this steampunk item is very appreciated as a gift. You know what you have to do.

What is a steampunk Hat?

A little cultural parenthesis on the steampunk hat. To put you in the historical context, you will find classic steampunk hats. They all come from the 19th century, in Victorian and Edwardian England, but also in the belle époque and sometimes the Roaring Twenties.

The concept behind this is that each hat has deep roots in the period of the 19th century industrial revolution. From there, you will see the design and modernism that influences each steampunk design.

The full range of vintage designs can be used. Sometimes tops will need an odd color or just some mechanical elements to become steampunk. Just move the slider between classic and fantasy style to achieve your ideal retro-futuristic look.

The Steampunk Hat, the essential accessory to customize your steampunk costume or cosplay

You can't complete your Steampunk costume without a Victorian inspired hat. From wool felt or leather steampunk hat for men, to mini hats for women, to the classic hat or beret, your choices are vast. You can buy your Steampunk Hat online from our bestsellers in various styles and price ranges. The Steampunk Hat with Goggles is one of the most popular among Steampunk Styler because of its perfect match with the goggles. Beyond disguise, these adult accessories can be worn every day, especially the sober and functional vintage headwear.

How to make the perfect steampunk hat?

You can start with a theme like plague doctor, bowler, pirate, cowboy, fairy, superhero or vampire. In which case a witch hat, tricorn, western stetson or sombrero, a chapka or a simple straw hat will serve as the basis for the rest of your costume. Once you have chosen your style, you will need to incorporate all of your accessories. It is extremely important to match your steampunk hats to the overall style of your costume. This is what will make your hat the perfect hat for your outfit. 

It is possible to choose a style: define diesel punk or gothic as a base and mix it with steampunk accessories to get a unique and really original costume. A third way is to dress up as a period costume and use some Steampunk elements. The effect is incredible, elegant and just fantastic enough to make a statement.

How to make a ladies steampunk hat?

This question has come up a lot lately: how to make a steampunk hat for women? It is true that historically hats of this type were reserved for Men, with masculine styles and difficult to adapt to women.
Fortunately, nowadays, things have changed, and we offer a lot of steampunk hats for women. What makes them different? More feminine accessories, but still mixed. Some hats have for example beautiful feathers that signify lightness and refinement.

To get a feminine hat you have to observe how the hat feels when you look at it, you're going to tell me it's subjective, it is, but it works. For more tangible elements, this corresponds to the shape of the hat, it should not have too sharp or strict a curve. Also avoid too aggressive gothic patterns on this type of hat, which can quickly make a style "too" masculine. The secret will also be to adapt your hairstyle, we really talk about "steampunk hairstyles with hats".

Most of our hats are mixed and fit both men and women. Of course, all these hats are customizable, so you can contact us, and we will provide you with plenty of advice to customize your hat, whether you are a man or a woman.

How to decorate your steampunk hat?

You've chosen your steampunk top hat, but it's missing a little something? That little improvement that makes your hat a unique accessory? Here are some tips on how to customize your hat once you've purchased it.

  • Add steampunk goggles to give an even more industrial effect. Indeed, steampunk goggles have the reputation of being the most revealing accessory of the steampunk fashion, by adding them on your hat, you offer to your outfit a much more present industrial charge. You will find all our goggles in the collection dedicated to it.
  • Bring a touch of refinement. Your hat can be transformed into a sophisticated accessory by adding the right elements. For example, you can add 2-3 fine and colorful feathers to give it that refined touch. In addition to feathers, you can also opt for a small colored ribbon to hang around your hat.
  • Add a steampunk belt around your hat. An original idea that we noticed among our Steampunk enthusiasts. Putting a belt around your hat is a great way to style your hat.

The decoration of your hat is not essential but it will bring you great satisfaction and will show how unique your outfit is. You can find out how to best customize your choice below.

Choose your steampunk top hat

To suit your Steampunk costume, often typical of the Victorian industrial or vintage era, you can choose a basic Victorian black felt hat and then decorate it. Think about goggles, leather trim, buckles, chains or gears and any other industrial elements to glue or punch. The other option is to buy a ready-made Steampunk hat to join the community who have trusted us.

Hats are not only accessories that protect us from the weather, they are much more than pretty objects to show off or to tell it... They reflect your personality and allow you to add elegance.

Nothing complements your retro-futuristic Victorian style better than a chic and elegant Steampunk hat. Each of these hats has been masterfully crafted in the fantastic style of Steampunk. You'll find all sorts of hat styles here, all of which are decidedly Steampunk.

Whether you're looking for a lady's riding hat with gadgets, or a gentleman's hat outfitted with the latest and greatest gear, you'll find it here. These attractive hats are wonderful additions to almost any style allowed by Steampunk Styler. Don't let formal or worldly appearances fool you, because whether you're a brilliant engineer, a steam engine mechanic, or a worldly aristocrat, these hats work beautifully with almost any ensemble. Many of these hats also feature designs that would make a Steampunk aficionado laugh with glee, as gears, cogs, glasses, sprockets, keys and other features adorn many of these hats, elevating them from the simple and classic to the spectacular Steampunk style. 

Dare to wear headwear with steampunk style all year round

Retro-futuristic hats are one of our favorite accessories, they fit all seasons. Lately, wide-brimmed hats and fedoras have come back into fashion. It's an accessory that instantly makes any look more interesting, and it's also a quick and easy addition to your outfit. For girls who want to go further, Steampunk Styler created the Steampunk Corsets collection to offer different types of corsets. The most common misconception about tiny steampunk hats is that only certain people can use them, the so-called hat head. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are 6 tips on how to wear a hat the way you want to...

  1. First, choose a hat that fits you! It should sit well on your head and cover most of your forehead.
  2. For a tried-and-true style, choose hats that look like they could work for all seasons, like a classic fedora or a wide-brimmed hat. These classic styles are timeless and easy to wear.
  3. Your hair and the hat matter. With a wide-brimmed hat, showcase the natural texture of your hair when you wear it long and loose. A low ponytail and loose braid are other perfect hairstyles for wearing a hat.
  4. Hats are not seasonally appropriate. When paired with a summer dress or worn haircuts, felt hats can easily transition from spring to summer.
  5. For an effortless hairstyle, keep the rest of your accessories and outfit details basic. A hat alone is not enough, use another accessory to balance the outfit, the attention should not be directed only on your head. For this, use a colorful reminder with a purse, a flashy piece of jewelry or gloves or shoes.
  6. Confidence is key. Attitude will play a big part, so be confident in your dressy, out-of-the-box look. Remember that people don't know how to dress anymore.

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