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13 products

Welcome to the steampunk clothing section! Here, you will find all types of clothes you can image to perfect your steampunk style. Browse from one collection to another and choose your missing steampunk clothes. There is something for everyone: men, women, steampunk style, Victorian style, gothic style and more. Pick yours!

Shop steampunk clothing created from hundreds of alternative styles.

All of our Steampunk Clothes faithfully respect the retro-futuristic style that is steampunk: a refined style with subtle details. Time has come, choose the outfit that will fit you best! Discover an array of clothes like the corset, the bustier, the vintage dress, the high-waisted skirt.

Steampunk ready-to-wear is a real and growing trend, several kinds of style are available such as gothic, aesthetic, Victorian, punk or even engineer steampunk clothing. The Steampunk Clothing collection include only quality clothing and accessories, selected for their 100% steampunk look, allowing you to adopt the perfect Steampunk Outfits.

Steampunk for men, break the rules.

Steampunk is a retro-futuristic universe where creativity is a must. One of the mottos of steampunk is to defy conformity and create your own look. Dressing as a steampunk man is a real passion where work, imagination and tests are essential, to make an outfit that totally corresponds to you and that represents you at best.
There is a wide variety of steampunk clothing for men that are all more original and unique than the others. Most of these clothes are not available in stores, so you have to turn to an online store to find your happiness.

The steampunk costume for men

Ideal for your next costume party, conference or Halloween, for those who want to be ready-made and not create their own outfit, we have a selection of cosplay for you. This selection will make you a real steampunk man in one click.

  • Corset and shirt for steampunk men

The corset for steampunk men will make all the difference in your outfit, it is one of the essential elements of the outfit. Associated with a nice shirt (usually white), a tie, the corset imitation leather or the black corset will give authority and charisma to your outfit. You can also opt for a shirt or a polo shirt to complement your outfit.

  • Steampunk pants for men

Depending on the type of steampunk you want to embody, his social rank, his activity etc... The style of your Steampunk pants will not be the same and the choice will be important, although sometimes difficult to make. Indeed, if you want to embody a raw worker or a dandy businessman of the industrial era, the choice will not be the same and your outfit will have to reflect it. It's up to you to adjust your ideas according to our products and the coherence of the whole.

  • Men's tops: Steampunk jackets and coats

A long black coat or a parka will give your character a gothic and mysterious character. On the contrary, a cardigan or a jacket will give your look a touch of class and casualness.

Find the perfect Steampunk Clothes

Want to have a Victorian inspired look, know that there is no perfect style. Your own creativity and inspiration are at the heart of steampunk fashion. There are no rules, but everyone who wears a costume manages to look like they are all from the same era. Even though this style has evolved, it's no longer enough to glue some gears onto glasses and wear a jacquard corset.
It is important if you want to stick to this era to add to your panoply of lace, brocade, velvet. You can match it with bustiers, vintage boots, ornate hats, lacy diamond sets and extravagant old jewelry. As it is also the era of steam engines, the colors tend to be black or brown jewelry colors purple, emerald green, midnight blue or ruby red.
Indeed, to be part of the history of steam engines, the Victorian look owes its richness to the fact that it mixes several clothing styles such as gothic, military, burlesque and vintage elements.

A collection with Steampunk Womens Clothing

Whether you are going to your first event or need ideas on how to change your existing costume, here are the costume pieces you need when you are women. 

  • Steampunk Shirts and Corset for women

Lolita's fashion is a great resource for vintage looks. The current Bohemian trend, with lace yoke shirts and low-collared peasant style tops, is another good source of nice Steampunk shirts.

The other item that almost all women's Steampunk clothing have is a corset. These are not undergarments, but rather a corset worn on the outside of clothing. Corsets can be made of leather, brocade or damask, lace or any other fabric that suits your overall look. Most suit corsets are not designed to support a bust as they would be if worn as underwear. You may find some more comfortable than others. Keep it loose enough to breathe and move around in. Wear a strapless bra underneath if you need support.

  • Steampunk Coat

Just like in the Victorian era, Steampunk events tend to take place in winter. All those layers make the costumes quite warm. For particularly cold days or just because it's great to have a Steampunk jacket, we recommend our women's coats

The military style jacket with buckles, belts, chains, ruffles, lace, corset ties and more, seems to be the most popular look this year. Striped jackets are also always in style and are among my favorites.

One can conclude that they are almost an alternative to blouses and tops. They are usually thin, not bulky, tailored to complement the suit instead of covering it. They are usually worn unbuttoned/unzipped and can be tied with a wide belt.

If you have some sewing skills, you can take almost any jacket and cut out everything but the sleeves, part of the back and most of the front. Check out our collection of coats and jackets.

  • Steampunk Skirt

Almost all women wear a brown steampunk skirt as part of their costume. They can be long, high/low, short or very short. The length is not as important as their style. A long, simple skirt can be put together in all sorts of effervescent effects. For those who have no idea, there are also beautiful Victorian Steampunk style skirts ready to wear for sale on our store.

  • Steampunk Dresses

A lace dress can replace a skirt and blouse combination. Many women wear a dress with a corset, vest or belt over it. The look is similar. OR you can opt for a traditional Victorian dress with ruffles or hoops and use accessories as part of the Steampunk fashion.

  • The alternative: steampunk pants

Skirts or dresses don't suit you! Why not wear leggings or pants? Also think about gothic pants, for a rebellious Victorian look. Stockings are popular in wide stripes, lace, but also leather. Solid colors can work if your outfit already has a number of patterns in other pieces.

Where to Buy Steampunk Clothes?

Many people wonder where to buy steampunk clothing. This style is a world of its own and to find the most representative clothes of this style you will have to find a store specialized in this field, either physical or online. The choice in physical stores is generally more limited than in online stores. You will have more options for your clothes if you order online, and you can let your imagination run wild. That's why Steampunkstyler opened its doors, to allow steampunk fans to have a wide choice of clothes, accessories, decorations and more. Our clothing collection is updated regularly to keep our catalog fresh and up to date. If you would like us to research products for you, please contact us with your cosplay desires, and we will be able to help you in this process.

Discover steampunk clothing designs and choose the one that fit you best!

For women steampunk clothing, different outfit as a Steampunk Dress will help you to release your real personality. It is possible to acquire at Steampunk Styler an original wardrobe that breaks the codes and preconceived ideas.

For men, steampunk clothing, several materials and warm colors are accessible. Black or brown leather or even khaki, metallic shades of copper, gold and silver are highlighted. It is necessary to know how to dose all these details to succeed in a real Steampunk outfit.

Break free from classic outfits and join this unique movement.

If you like our Steampunk Clothing collection don't hesitate to take a look at our Steampunk Womens Clothing to match your style even more