How to wear a Steampunk Pocket Watch?

How to wear a Steampunk Pocket Watch

Between the nineteenth and twentieth century, a multitude of inventions of watchmaking was born. The gusset watch is the ancestor of these, because it was created around the 16th century. At the time, this round watch model represented original pieces, mainly worn by men.

Over the years, women have adopted these vintage watches with their perfect finish. Traditionally, this type of miniature clock is worn in a specific way. However, many people who own beautiful pocket watches do not know how to show them off. 

Let's discover together in this article how to wear a beautiful pocket watch with class and elegance.

What is a Pocket Watch? 

A pocket watch is actually a pocket timepiece. It is not a piece that watchmakers have designed to adorn the wrist of its user. The first models of pocket watches were built in the year 1510.

It should be noted that the pocket watch is different:

  • the automatic wristwatch
  • From the sports watch
  • Smart Watch (Apple watch)
  • Quartz watches (operating with a quartz crystal resonator and using the quartz movement)

These wearable clocks also do not share similarities with connected watches. Instead, they are unique vintage watches that usually consist of an openwork crystal bezel and push button, a white dial graduated with Roman numerals or Arabic numerals. Most of the time, their cases are worked, polished and decorated with a pattern.

Pocket Watch Copper

Over time, the first chronograph pocket watch was even created. However, to buy an old watch of this type, you must necessarily participate in auctions, because they are rare.

To learn more about the history of the pocket watch, read our dedicated article. If you want to buy the most beautiful Steampunk pocket watches, visit our complete collection:

How to wear a Steampunk pocket Watch for a man?

These types of watches are worn in combination with a vest. It is possible to wear them inside out or through your belt. Antique gusset watches for men and women can be worn with a suit and jacket.

It is possible to combine them with a vest, jeans, blouse, dress or skirt. Find out below the most stylish ways to wear all men's clamshell watches.

Wear a pocket watch with a suit or jacket

The men's pocket watch is a fashion accessory that men can combine with a suit or jacket. This is the classic way that vintage style pocket clock collectors wear them. It gives them a casual style. To achieve this, it is recommended to hang it by its chain on the belt loop while sliding the case into the pocket. If your jacket has a pocket, feel free to slip your men's pendant watch into it.

The pocket watch and the vest

This uniquely styled men's watch is a piece of jewelry that shows the luxury of the wearer with a vest. When worn in this way for a special occasion, it sets the wearer apart from his peers. This is further exacerbated when this vintage watch is matched with a chain of the same tone. In fact, the vest is a classic and original outfit that greatly enhances the chain of your accessory. At the same time, a beautiful antique clamshell watch provides a refined and elegant look to the man who wears it.

Displaying a pocket watch with jeans on a daily basis

The pocket watch is a time measuring instrument that can be displayed daily with jeans. Such a watch necklace worn in this way provides a very chic aesthetic. The collector of timeless clamshell watches is supposed to combine it with preferably dark colored jeans. When the gentleman who wears it wants to combine modernity and originality, he is advised to opt for slim jeans.

How to wear a Steampunk Pocket Watch for a woman?

Gusseted watches are not only for men. Indeed, some models are old timepieces that can be worn by women. They are therefore known to be unisex accessories.

 Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace

Wearing a Steampunk pocket watch with a dress or skirt

Women's gusset watches look great with a dress or skirt. These women's timepiece models are adorned with floral or animal motifs so that they fully reflect femininity.

The pocket watch with a blouse

Many ladies still think that the necklace pendant for women can only be worn with a jacket. However, the first models of antique watch necklaces matched very well with blouses. To achieve an informal look, you can opt for a shirt, pants and moccasin type shoes. Once dressed, the woman will only have to hang her new antique pocket watch on the buttonhole of the shirt. It is also possible to attach it to the buckle of a belt.

Display her pocket watch pendant around the neck

The woman's watch can be a jewel decorated with precious stones such as black ruby and sapphire. It can be integrated with diamonds estimated at several carats. Therefore, women do not hesitate to put such clothing accessories around their neck. They use them as antique jewelry still called pendant watches.

Wear your pocket watch with a handbag

Women do not hesitate to wear their gold pocket watch in combination with their handbag. Such a retro-style analog display accessory should therefore hang on the handle of the handbag. This is a very original way to wear a small pocket watch.

How to hang a Pocket Watch correctly? 

Since the advent of luxury men's or women's pendant watches, there are many ways to hang them. Some choose to attach them to their buttonholes while others hang them from their belts. However, in order to do this, it is essential to equip them with a chain. The best ones are the monostyle gusset watches as well as the T-bar ones.

Hanging a pocket watch on a 3-piece suit

The 3-piece suit is one of the most stylish outfits to accompany a pocket watch. It is favored because of the multitude of possibilities it offers. In order to hang your classic pocket watch, it is essential that you use a double Albert-T pocket watch chain.This one must be equipped with a T-bar so that you can easily hang it in the pocket of the vest. You need it, because it prevents malicious people from stealing your watch. This is possible thanks to its three safeties. Such a chain can be made of gold, silver or stainless steel for more resistance.

Once you have the chain, your fine watch should be attached to the other end of the chain and then stored in the pocket.

Attaching a pocket watch to a two-piece suit

The two-piece suit can also be accompanied by the pocket watch. In this case, you have the option of using a vest chain to attach it to the vest. As soon as you get the chain, take care to hang it through the buttonhole of your jacket.Only then can you insert the watch itself into the inside pocket of the vest, making sure that it is on the same side. When you only have a chain, don't hesitate to use the belt loop of your pants. Then, fix the chain of the timepiece to the belt while introducing it in the side pocket. In case you have a gold pocket watch, get brown two-piece suits.

Hanging a pocket watch on pants

To successfully hang your pocket watch on a pair of pants, you will undoubtedly need a pants chain. This is a chain that can only be attached to the belt of a pair of jeans. It is actually the shape of its clasp that allows the strap to be held firmly. Then, refer to the method explained above to hang it properly on your jeans or pants.

What style you can adopt by wearing a pocket watch?

The styles to adopt with the pocket watch are numerous, but it can be cited the vintage style, the Steampunk style without forgetting the Victorian style.

The vintage style

An antique pocket watch is an accessory that allows you to adopt the vintage style. Many people opt for this style when wearing the pocket watch, because it brings authenticity to their look. This is the reason why many people match such a man's watch with vintage sneakers or a retro belt.

Bronze Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk style

By using the steampunk pocket watch, you give your clothing style an unparalleled design. This is quite true since such a clothing accessory grants the advantage of combining the watchmaker's know-how with a futuristic retro aesthetic. Accessories to add to the pocket watch for a unique Steampunk style include: a top hat with goggles, a tie tied under the collar and a vest with a loose jacket.

Victorian style

To wear your pocket watch well, it is also recommended to adopt the Victorian style. To do this, combine your chain watch with simplistic pants and a Victorian shirt.


In summary, a pocket watch is an accessory designed for both men and women. They are mechanical watches consisting of a dial, case, hands and gears or wheels. It does not share any similarity with the connected watch, as they do not belong on the wrist, but rather in the pocket. Such watches can be worn with a vest, jeans, dress or skirt. They fit particularly well in a vintage Victorian or Steampunk style. Opt for our gusseted watches and show off an authentic retro look!